At Paisley Law LLC, our team of attorneys brings together a wide range of diverse legal experience to assist injured victims of negligence in their pursuit of just compensation.

With more than 15 years of legal experience, Paisley Law LLC uses strategy, knowledge and proven practices to help our clients have the best chance for a maximum recovery. James Paisley is a Georgia native and brings his strengths and experiences as a career long litigator to create a dynamic, dedicated and passionate approach to help those who’ve been injured recover all they deserve.

In one second, someone’s life will change and they won’t know where to turn. The injuries, whether minor or catastrophic are agonizing to deal with, and on top of that, the injured victim has to deal with doctors, auto insurance carriers, auto repair shops, endless paperwork, bill collectors, and the abyss of health insurance coverage. Our goal at Paisley Law is not only to maximize the value of a case, but to minimize the costs of healthcare and the headaches of dealing with the logistics of health providers. Paisley Law takes this burden off of our clients. Essentially the goal is to provide the best attorney client experience imaginable.

Every client of Paisley Law can reach the attorney or the case manager any time of day. We believe that keeping the clients informed and educated at every stage of their case facilitates the best opportunities to maximize the value of what has been taken away from them. Simply said, our clients are treated like family.