E-Z-AZ THAT Smart Solutions was founded in April of 2002 by Earl Skates of Queens, New York. As a young boy, Earl always wanted to own his own company. There was something about business that sucked him in. When he was young, Earl would always get in trouble for taking his sister’s electronics apart, but he would put them back together and they would work. After a while, he became the go to person to fix things around the house and to help others. Earl moved to Kennesaw, GA in 1992 and went to North Cobb High School where he graduated in 1996. He continued his education at Georgia Southern University and completed his BBA in Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and small business in 2001. He then obtained his Low Voltage certification from Dekalb Tech in 2002 and started E-Z-AZ THAT LLC.

Earl offers complete low voltage solutions for both residential and commercial needs: home theaters, flat screen tv mounting, smart home systems, automation, VOIP phone systems, camera systems, access control, cable, data, WiFi, computer networking and repair, and much more.

Earl started his company because he has a passion for electronics and loves working with his hands. His typical clients are men and women who are not technologically savvy, but want to have the bells and whistles like everyone else.